Minnesota Presidential Primary Election Caucuses

March 1st at 7:00 pm

Just a reminder to anyone else that lives in Minnesota: Tuesday March 1 at 7PM is the Minnesota Presidential Primary Caucus. On Tuesday, Minnesota will join 12 other states and one territory in what’s known as Super Tuesday. On that day, roughly 1/4 of the available delegates are at stake, which means the candidates that perform well will have a lot of momentum going forward. Please take some time Tuesday to pray that the voters will be given wisdom, guidance and direction in making the right selection. Also, if you are able, please show up at your local caucus site to make your voice heard. It’s the people that show up now that will decide who are final choices are next fall, and it is our civic duty to be present and advocate for candidates that share our values. To find out where your local caucus site is, go to:


Type in your zip code or county, then on the next page, type in your address and your location will pop up.

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