Music Ministry

Music Ministry


While acknowledging the tremendous variety of styles that worship may be conducted in various cultures and settings, and recognizing the freedom of each congregation to choose for themselves under the Lordship of Christ what type of worship best suits them, we have chosen to remain “traditional” in our approach. We combine the use of the “great hymns of the faith” with appropriate praise songs that are consistent with our high view of God and the doctrinal positions to which we adhere.


     Our focus is on the majesty, glory and honor of God, not the tastes, inclinations and aspirations of man. All music must bring glory to God and draw attention to Him, not to the individual or group ministering. Therefore, we do not clap following any expression of praise to our God in music. We encourage people to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, while conducting themselves appropriately, dressing modestly, and preparing the inner spiritual person as well.


     The main focus of our worship is to place our attention on God and to prepare our hearts to receive a message from Him during the preaching of the Word of God, that will impact our lives in such a way, that we will be the “living epistles” God intends us to be in today’s world.


     For more information, contact our Music Leader, John Dawson:


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Choir Rehearsal - 8:30 am
Sunday School - 9:30 am
Morning Worship - 10:35 am
Wednesday Prayer - 6:30 pm